#5005 – wahh wahh wahh

man, something last night just did not want to let me go to sleep properly and kept me up feeling ill, so i guess i made up for it today — after i made my previous post, i ended up falling asleep off and on, sprawled across my bed, until about 1 in the afternoon. i wasn’t even in my bed properly, but with my body on the bed and my legs hanging off, and me not even under my covers and still in my work clothes. i felt a bit better after i woke up, but now my back hurts.

so then i worked on my photography for a bit — i re-imported the photos from the expo bout from a month ago (teams “pirate’s booty” vs. “team pabst blue ribbon”), and i fixed up some keywords from that bout and the one versus the ohio roller girls. now i’ve got it set up so you can give me the name of a team or roller girl with ccrg and i can show you all the photos i have that feature them. i can then narrow down the photos based on how good of a photo it is, so i can find the best pictures i’ve got of that skater. i’ve even added tags so i can do the same for photos featuring referees, jammers and pivots. want to see the best pictures i have of jammers? all i need to do is check one checkbox and move one slider and it’ll narrow it all down. pretty snazzy! i’ve only got two bouts in there so far, but hopefully i’ll be able to find some of my earlier images that i had before my old hard drive died so i can re-import those too.

after working on my photos i started to get all in a “wahh wahh life sucks” mood because even though i didn’t go into work today, and even though i don’t have to work tomorrow, i really want to work somewhere doing something that i’d enjoy a lot more — i don’t really feel like i’m doing anything i really like or that gives me as much flexibility as i’d like.

5 months and 23 days left to go until i’m degree’d. sigh.