#4997 – it's been all rush this past weekend

friday after work i went back home to annapolis to hang out. turned out feisty_fitz was home for the weekend! anne and i watched the mst3k episode “squirm” about worms that came out of the ground and ate people.

saturday i picked up bruno_boy and we did some work with radio krud and listened to some music that we were sent to review. had my burritos and then went up to baltimore for greyplanet‘s going-away party. came up with a good derby name for johnhr11 (“tom foolery”), watched cheeta torpeeda stuff a balloon up her nose and out her mouth (grossly awesome!) and textureslut and i busted out some biz markie:

that’s how justice feelgood marshall and killer glennuine draft roll. i think if you combined us up together, we’d weigh enough for biz markie to consider us to be a tasty snack.

cynicalscribe and i partied it up until about 3 am, then went back to her place and fell asleep until a rather stompy cat stomped on us. she went off to help set up the roller derby track and such at the armory around 11, and i kept snoozing until about noon. picked up some lunch for us on the way over to the armory and prepared to take some photos of the bouts.

let me say right now that the lighting at the armory is FUCKING WEIRD. i actually am longing for skateland’s lighting, and not just because i had it all figured out… at least there i had a ceiling i could bounce off of, and consistent lighting sources. hey, they may have been all fluorescent lights and barely cast any light decent for photography on to the track, but at least it was consistently bad! here at the armory it seems to be two types of overhead lighting, but mostly it seems to be sodium vapor lights making everything look orangish. there’s some lights that are a bit more whiter, and there’s also large windows in the building. it was cloudy, so i wasn’t really getting any usable light, but it probably didn’t help with my white balance. throw my flash into the mix of orange and bluish-tinted lights and folks are looking WEIRD. it’s taking some tinkering with the white balances to get things to look decent… it’s not hard, it’s just a pain in the ass.

in any case, my photos may not make it up online until this weekend. because of the editing i’m doing with them, it’s taking so damned forever and it’s only 4 more days until new computerage, so what the hell, i’ll sit on my RAWs until then. at least i picked out which ones are the good ones so far, but even then it’s not that many to work with. it’s partially my fault for experimenting with second-shutter flash for a new effect (i was using it at the exhibition bout at st. whatever-the-place-was), but i’m happy enough to blame my camera and its limited number of autofocus points too. (dad says he’ll buy this one off of me when i replace it, which will probably also be this weekend, hopefully).

other than that, the bout at the armory was fantastic! awesome turnout, neat venue. now if i can only figure out the lighting… EPMD was complaining about the lighting too.

also, mary alice (“francis skate key”) asked my permission to use one of my photos of the skate-cake from the roller derby banquet on the charm city cakes blog (you do watch “ace of cakes”, don’t you??), so that’ll be neat to see up there in hopefully a few days. 😀

after the bout i went back to annapolis to visit with my dad’s old coworkers sharon and mike and sharon’s kids. that was fun, we hadn’t seen them in about 2 or 3 years. normally we play UNO when we get together, but we spent so much time chatting that we didn’t have time for a game this time. oh well.

and then today i went to work, went to class and got out early, came back home to the apartment for dinner and a little photo-editing, and now for bed a little early.