#4994 – seedy cd

good thing i was planning to get a new computer with my bonus. i came across this cd i had made of the album “songs and sounds of the sea” by national geographic, and even though i had the mp3 files on my computer, i wanted to import the songs to the computer in a lossless format. unfortunately, my computer seems to have taken a disliking to this cd (or maybe it really likes it), because even though it didn’t want to read the cd, it refuses to eject the damn thing. my cd slot drive is jammed – i think because the cd itself has warped slightly or it doesn’t like the thin label i made for the cd – and it goes in a perpetual cycle of “hey, i can’t read this cd, i’d better eject it… oh wait, it won’t eject, i may as well read it… hey, i can’t read this cd, better eject it… oh wait, it won’t eject…”

i even tried ejecting the cd while holding the computer so that gravity could do the ejecting, but even that didn’t work.

i mean the computer “works”, but who wants to hear constant cd drive whirring and mechanical noises when you’re trying to use it?

9 days until that bonus is here! now i have to decide if i should maybe skimp on some of the features i want for the desktop so i can get both a mac pro and a macbook to replace my current one?

looks like i’ll be stuck using ye olde imac in the meantime. yaay.