#4991 – picking classes

ok, so i need to register for 3 different upper-level information systems classes for the summer. i’m thinking about these two:

  • IFSM 303 – human factors in information systems
  • IFSM 411 – SQL

    but i don’t know what to pick for my third. those two classes would be online, and unfortunately there’s not much to choose from that’s in-person and close to work for the summer — the only one that looks like i’d be able to do in-person would be IFSM 457 (cyberterrorism), and while that would be interesting, i’d like to pick something a bit simpler for my final semester. especially since that cyberterrorism class is for the second session of the summer semester, so it’s from 6 to 9:30 at night. on tuesdays and thursdays. from july 8 to august 17. yes, barely more than a month. and since i get out of work at 5:30, and it takes about 20 minutes to get to where that class will be (not counting rush hour traffic), it looks like my third class will have to be online. i can’t decide which of the following to choose from:

  • IFSM 350 – wireless telecommunications
    An analysis of technical and managerial perspectives on basic concepts and applications in wireless telecommunication systems. The implications of the regulatory environment and communications standards on transmission of voice and data are examined. Other topics include an overview of second generation (2G), third generation (3G), and global systems of mobile (GSM) wireless communications; code-division multiple access (CDMA); and trends in wireless communication.
  • IFSM 432 – disaster recovery planning
    A study of disaster recovery and emergency planning as applied to the information-systems function in corporations. Topics include security risk evaluation and management, creation of threat profiles, continuity of operations planning, contingency planning, and incident reporting. A self-directed approach/tool for the conduct of information security risk evaluation is introduced. Projects include developing a security protection strategy and plan.
  • IFSM 454 – information system security mechanisms
    A hands-on technical examination of six areas of security vital to any organization: authentication, authorization and access control, confidentiality, availability, data integrity (encryption), and nonrepudiation. Topics include firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), vulnerability software, Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI), IP security (IPSec), virtual private networks (VPNs), and Web server lockdown procedures. Review also covers the types of attacks often launched on the Internet and how they are performed. Projects include demonstrations of network software used to gain information about a network, perform attacks, and/or prevent attacks.

    hmm. i’ll have to think this over and register asap.