Just after I made that post, one of my coworkers took a bullet for me!

When I was leaving for work and tying my shoes one of my shoelaces broke. The only thing worse than sliding around on icy sidewalks is sliding around on icy sidewalks with a shoe that wants to fall off. Then I had to scrape the ice off my car and just barely made it in to work in time with only seconds to spare. Yay for waking up late and having issues on the way in to work. There’s practically nobody on my team in at work today so far, and after being at work for only 45 minutes they wanted me to hop on the phone queue for 45 minutes; I told them I’d be on in just a moment and excused myself to the bathroom so I wouldn’t get any calls from nature while on the phone queue. When I got back to my desk, though, the lady in the cube next to me said that she’d take my spot on the phone queue and it was the best thing ever – now things are turning into sunshine, lollypops and rainbows everywhere.

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