#4976 – medium format kodachrome

recently i found out about shorpy, a photoblog that posts a bunch of old photographs from 50 – 150 years ago. recently it’s been posting some medium-format pictures from the 1940s, and several of them have been shot on kodachrome. like this one.

i’ve been thinking sometime of getting a medium-format camera, like the yashica mat-124, and looking at the full size of some of the photos on shorpy’s (example) and seeing the detail available with medium format and kodachrome slide film made me curious about shooting with that combination.

unfortunately, there’s only one place left in the US that develops kodachrome now, and they stopped developing medium-format kodachrome film years ago. it’s a shame.

ok, my batteries for my camera are done charging and i’ve got everything packed up to go, time for dinner and an early bedtime tonight — i didn’t fall asleep until after 3 am, and woke up around 7:30 and kept falling asleep and waking back up every few minutes even though i didn’t have to be up until 8:20. had a weird dream about photography, though… dreamt that fellow derby photographer EPMD and i each won a $1.00 photography training session. really bizarre.