#4968 – SOS, i'm feeling SAS-sy

hmm… i’ve known that you can search for job postings on, but it didn’t occur to me until just now that you can search for jobs based on the company name. it turns up a few unrelated items, but it’s a pretty neat way of narrowing down your search.

the interesting thing about this is it seems that jobs can be posted exclusively on linkedin, and there can be criteria set for the jobs like preferring applicants with recommendations or preferring referrals through the network.

so i searched up jobs with some fruit company since one of my fraternity brothers who works there had suggested in the past that i give him a copy of my résumé (he told me some story about how he had finally convinced a friend of his to give him his résumé, and within the week his friend was flown out to california, interviewed and offered a position). i found a position that seems to be up my alley, but it requires two things that i currently don’t have:

  • experience with SAS, and
  • a BA/BS degree

    hm. well, that second part will be taking care of itself this summer. the first part, well, i’ve never had any experience or opportunity to fiddle with SAS, and all i knew about it was that it’s some statistical analysis software. so i looked around their site and found out that they offer 3-day training classes, and there’s one in the dc area going on in april. the cost is $1425 for this class, but do you know what? there’s a 50% discount for students… and not only that, but after looking through the requirements for my tuition assistance program at work, i’m almost definitely certain that my work would pay for it.

    hmm hmm hmm… i may have to check more into this — a 3-day training program would certainly help me out (even if i’d have to use vacation time to attend), and it’s not like this is an extended class that would interfere with my classes. besides, two of my classes are on mondays and tuesdays this semester, and the third is online.