#4964 – it's a one-way ticket to slammertown for us, roy! with no return-ticket!

someone on the internets didn’t get the ol’ “i’m going to be a criminal by tearing the tags off of my mattresses” joke. what is this world coming to when people don’t get something as timeless as mattress-tag-tearing criminality?? really!

and then the poster clarifying it notes that maybe the person that’s confused is under 30-years-old. hell, i’m under 30 and i know all about the “DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW” notice that used to be on mattress tags! maybe it’s because i’m hip! i’m with it! …or maybe it’s just because we used to have a few old mattresses around the house.

the post clarifying the mattress tag bit is made by a “jtroutman”… haha, it’d be funny if that was troutman