#4951 – 650

so i wrote 650 posts in 2007. not bad, not bad.

yesterday i went to work, but after a few hours they said that they’d start letting people go early if they wanted to use any last personal days they had, or any vacation time, or leave as an excused unpaid absence if they wanted. i thought about staying, but in the end i decided to go since i wasn’t feeling that great…

coworker: “are you going to stay?”

me: “i thought about going, but i think i’m going to stay.”

coworker: “are you sure? you’re going to be almost the only person on our team here…”

me: “yeah, but see, i like money…” *SNEEZE* “…ugh… on second thought, maybe i’ll go early.”

so i ended up leaving at 1 (my lunch is now from 1 to 1:30 pm, a half-hour earlier than last quarter).

at least leaving a few hours early let me take a dose of medicine, heat up some chicken soup out of a can for lunch at the apartment (allowing me to save the campbell’s soup-at-hand thing i have for lunch at work), and i was also able to call fedex and the maryland ez-pass folks about an invoice i received and my ez-pass account:

i had received a fedex invoice for $4.17 for a shipment made that was billed to my fedex account and sent to san antonio, texas, but looking up the tracking number didn’t turn up any information other than the shipment was sent to san antonio. then a few days later i got a letter that they had tried to bill my credit card for the shipment but the credit card company had denied the transaction for some reason and that was why they invoiced me. i thought it was really weird, especially since i hadn’t tried shipping anything in months or years, if i had ever tried shipping something with my fedex account at all. so i called them up, they couldn’t see anything more regarding the shipment, and they just credited the charge on the invoice.

the ez-pass call was about a month or two ago they sent me a bill for $2.00 for going through a toll with my ez-pass out of funds and expired, so i sent in the $2.00, and they cashed the check and sent me another letter saying that i failed to make the payment so now i owed not only the $2.00 toll but a $15.00 violation fee. checking my ez-pass account online seemed to show that the $15.00 fee ended up being credited to my account, but i wanted to be sure, so i called them and verified that my account was a-ok. nice thing to start the new year with no concerns over those.

i had to make a run to the grocery store — i think the reason why my medicine didn’t seem to be working was that i realized it had expired back in may, and since my stuff was either expired or empty it was then time for a medicine run. the pharmaceutical companies are a big racket; i got bread, a 12-pack of coke, a stick of deodorant and everything else was either cold and cough medicine or an ointment i needed. i had accidentally picked up the wrong deodorant a few weeks ago – normally i use a clear gel, but instead i had picked up the roll-on sort, and the first time i used it it felt pretty uncomfortable but i thought it was just because i wasn’t used to it. anyway, one thing led to another and my underarms started to hurt like hell more and more and just yesterday i noticed that it seems to have developed into a case of ringworm. great. even with the ointment it still hurts like hell, so if you see me cursing under my breath when i move my arms over the next two weeks then that’s why. 😛 you never seem to realize how much you move your arms until it hurts every single time you need to move them or reach somewhere. bah… what a way to “ring” in the new year. this underarm infection is really the “pits”. anyway, all that came out to be $55! sheesh! nothing like scanning a small box that weighs practically nothing and seeing it ring up for $15 or so. 😛 the sudafed isn’t even the good stuff that can be used to make meth! lame-city.

later on, bruno_boy and mytinyworld came on by and we went over to cynicalscribe‘s place to group up and head into baltimore for new year’s eve at deltoidzee‘s girlfriend’s place. when midnight came we were trying to figure out how to change the tv to the correct station to see the ball drop because the tv had decided to change to the sci-fi channel and record “the twilight zone”, so that’s how we spent the first 30 seconds of 2008 before we went outside and lit sparklers.

after that we went over to the CCRG derby-new-year’s party, and when we arrived it seemed rather sedate for a derby party, but soon killer kitten came running up the stairs in her underwear complaining that holly gohardly had stolen her boxer shorts and monkeyshines soon ensued. dirty marty and i did jimmy durante impersonations for some reason or another (i can’t even think of why we started doing that), and shortly afterwards bruno_boy and mytinyworld had to go and missed out on a true roller derby party: more derby folks arrived, greyplanet and i “oh, snap”ed when jazzometer put on “superfreak” on the turntable (since we thought it was going to be mc hammer’s “can’t touch this”) and i had to do requisite hammertime dancing, some girl and guy put a hole in a wall. cynicalscribe and i stayed out until about 4 am before rolling out and falling asleep until noonish, let her cat back inside, and then fell asleep for another 4 hours or so.

i hit the grocery store up on my way back to the apartment and got some stuff to cook up for dinner — on new year’s day you’re supposed to have ham or pork so you can live “high on the hog”, and no chicken because then you’ll be “scratching all year”. (oh snap, i started to do laundry in the last few hours of new year’s day! D:) – so i made OMG porkchops while watching the hockey game on tv and hanging out around the apartment. not a terrible way to spend new year’s day! and i’ve got a leftover porkchop and some yams and mixed vegetables for dinner tomorrow too.

alright, time to take my nyquil and get to bed. i’m feeling better, though… shouldn’t be long before this cold is licked.