#4950 – happy atchoo year

so how was your christmas? i’ve been busy this past week and haven’t had time to do a proper post about it.

for christmas i got (in no particular order):

  • two rolls of tri-x 400 film (now i can do some more film photography, yay!)
  • a AA-battery recharger with 12 AA batteries (for my flash and its add-on battery pack)
  • a 3-dvd collection of 9 alfred hitchcock movies
  • dvds of “red dwarf” seasons 5 and 6
  • the lonely planet guide to travel photography
  • an r/c helicopter
  • the first “postsecret” book
  • a tie with old-fashioned cameras on it
  • prescription sunglasses
    Mom got me prescription sunglasses for Christmas!
  • a jet-plane display (it’s a bit hard to describe, it’s like a giant desk ornament thing)
  • a renewed AAA membership
  • a mr. beer home-brew kit, and a second refill pack (dad said that my great-great-great-grandfather (something like that) was put in jail for 6 months during prohibition for moonshining, hah!)
  • an awesome cozy sweater and a t-shirt that says “this is not a photographic opportunity”
  • pancake mix
  • various gift cards, checks and cash moneys

    and last but not least…

  • a cold (*atchoo*)

    we got feisty_fitz a macbook laptop for christmas to replace her emac so she doesn’t have to haul that big computer back and forth to school, so her emac went to anne, dad got anne’s old g4 tower (which used to be mine), and i got the family’s old imac that dad had been using. i don’t mind, in fact i kind of like having this old mac now, mostly because now i can play all of my old games on it that are outdated and won’t run on my powerbook.

    i gave mom a marx brothers dvd box set since she really likes the marx brothers and kept talking about some of their movies recently, but she didn’t have it on her list so i was going to surprise her. i didn’t think i’d have any trouble, either, since it wasn’t on her list and i doubted that anybody else would think of the same thing. she unwrapped my present, and then a few presents later dad had given her the exact same thing! mom ended up giving one of them to me as an extra gift since i was doing so much work getting everybody’s “new” computers fixed up with their files.

    i also did some thinking about my post-graduation excursion for late august, and i’m thinking about going on a cruise. have you been on a cruise before? how did you like it? what cruise line did you take? how long was your cruise, and where did you go? i only hope that my coworkers who took august 24 off of work release that day so i’d end up getting it by being on the wait list… it’ll really make things a whole lot easier with this figuring-out. or maybe i’ll fly somewhere tropical. i just want to relax on this trip. is being able to relax for about a week on a beach in the sun with banana-flavored drinks and getting to look at girls in bikinis too much to ask?? sheesh!