#4927 – delayz

over the last week or three i’ve had issues with receiving emails, they’ve often been delayed for no apparent reason. i just found out why. *annoyed*

it snowed today. a lot. well, not a lot lot, but a lot more than what i was expecting and a lot earlier than i expected as well. i woke up about 5 minutes before i was supposed to leave and called in to use 30 minutes of flex time to get ready for work. spent a little too much time getting ready and taking my time and i had to call back into work and have them change it to 45 minutes of flex time. the drive back home from work was slow and kind of spooky, you couldn’t see the lines on the road because of snow on the road, and when there wasn’t snow you couldn’t see the lines because of the snow that was still falling from the sky. i slid downhill through part of the parking lot once i got back to the apartment and i bumped a curb. i hope that any snowplows that go through the lot in the morning don’t do a repeat of last year where they kept the plows turned toward the rows of cars and got the cars stuck behind berms of snow.

i got an email from umuc last week saying that i hadn’t paid my spring tuition yet and that i had until 12/3/2007 to either pay up or set up payment arrangements, so i called in and tried telling them that my work pays for my tuition, but in the past my work has required me to complete the current semester and submit my grades for the semester before they would generate a new letter of credit for the next semester (which is pretty much why for a lot of my previous semesters i’ve had to register for classes last-minute and haven’t always been able to get the classes i needed when i wanted).

them: “well, you can go on a payment plan.”

me: “but can i go on a payment plan if i’m not paying? my work will be paying for my tuition.”

them: “no, then you can’t go on a payment plan. you might be de-enrolled from your classes if you don’t submit payment right away.”

me: “but they’ve usually required the grades from the current semester before they’ll pay for a new semester! is there any way i can get my account remarked so that this won’t be an issue?”

them: “no.”

so i submitted a tuition application at work after they told me that, and today at work i got the confirmation email, but my supervisor wasn’t in (most of the supervisors weren’t in because of some leadership summit) to give it the final ok so that they’d send me the letter of credit to fax in. would you believe that 30 minutes after i got that confirmation email i got another email, this time from umuc, saying that i’ve been de-enrolled from my spring classes?? once i saw that then i just went online, wrote down my class numbers, and enrolled for the exact same classes. well, the online technical writing class was full so it auto-assigned me to a new section. but at least (so far!) i’ve been able to keep my in-person classes the same, and i don’t have to jump through hoops in order to get a new letter of credit for different classes. i swear, once i graduate it’s going to be with a middle finger pointed right at The Man for all the fucking ridiculousness i’ve had to go through. my mental image is something like this.

speaking of one finger, they videotaped me at work yesterday too. in january we have our “kickoff” event where it’s a sort of pep-rally to get folks psyched up for the new year, and there’s all sorts of vendors giving out tchotchkes and free food and award presentations and stuff like that. one of the things they do is they show a video of different people in the department and they usually have the people in the video say something about their department. well, i’m sitting there at my desk during my 15 minute break, slouched down in my chair and reading the news and livejournal and email on my phone when i see this camera crew out of the corner of my eye. they’re standing right next to me, and i’m just trying as best i can to not look at them, when suddenly the one guy working the boom mic says:

boom mic: “…and turn…”

me: *turns* “uh…”

boom mic: “…and smile…”

me: *weak smile*

boom mic: “…great!”

they then went to videotape the guy in the cube behind me and i went back to reading stuff on my phone. that didn’t stop the guy behind me from tossing me under a bus, though:

boom mic: “is this the AOC?” (area operations center)

cubicle behind me: “no, this is the IRT.” (internet response team)

boom mic: “say ‘IRT is #1!'” *holds up index finger in a “we’re #1” foam-finger style*

cubicle behind me: “uh… get glenn to do it.”

me: “uh… ‘IRT… #1!’?”

boom mic: “great!”

me: “…”

i think i was blushing about that time too, i’m going to look ridiculous and not in the awesome way. :/

i got a (delayed) email about some updates that are pending for the metro collective webpage. i’ve been busy and haven’t really had time to do the updates, and when i haven’t been super-busy i haven’t felt like updating. i spend all day at work typing emails and writing stuff to customers, the last thing i want to do is more work on the computer. 😛 i’ll have to get it done after work tomorrow. all i really end up doing is poke around the internet and read blogs and tech news pages and such. i haven’t really felt like writing (and i’m surprised i’ve written this much already, actually). my computer is just feeling too slow when i try to do anything that resembles actual productive work, so i poke passively around the internet and sometimes i’ll look through texts and photos and sounds and videos and stuff i’ve saved just to see what i’ve collected since i’m a digital pack-rat.

and speaking of finding things, do you know what i found on my computer today? whammywah‘s drunken late-night chicken-strips escapade with the “3… 2… 1… chicken!!” quote that inspired me to go on and do “3-2-1 steak” and “3-2-1 red hots” and “3-2-1 red bull” and “3-2-1 in-n-out burger” etc., oh yes, what a cinematic masterpiece!

oh, and cynicalscribe:

ok, time to make a quick sandwich for lunch tomorrow and get to bed. i can’t believe it’s still only thursday.

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