#4926 – busy

i’ve been crazy busy these last few days. there’s a lot of stuff i’ve wanted to blog about but i either haven’t had the time or i haven’t felt like sitting down and typing.

i had to turn in a report on “flags of our fathers” for my history class and i hope i did well. i got back my statistics exam in class today, i got a 93%!

two amusing quotes from these past few days, before i forget ’em:

coworker: “do you have a quarter for a soda?”

me: “no quarter, but i got a whole lotta love, black dog…”

coworker: “…you’re insane.”

cynicalscribe and i went out to eat on saturday night (wish things worked out better scheduling-wise so we could have gone to see propopdan, but at least i got almost all of my history paper done and carrie got some much-needed naptime in). nice place, not super-fancy but it does have a sign on the door that “appropriate attire must be worn”. i ordered a pork barbecue sandwich and a half-rack of ribs, and i dug into the ribs as soon as they arrived and had to have carrie open up the wet-nap for me since i had barbecue sauce all over my fingers and it was threatening to drip on my lap…

cynicalscribe: *opens napkin so i could put it on my lap and then opens up the wet-nap* “where are your manners? i don’t know what you’d do here without me.”

me: “i’d have sticky fingers and sauce in my lap……” *snicker!*