#4918 – lupin the 3rd

Lupin the 3rd

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in other news, when i was leaving work i was thinking about how i was rolling out of work while a lot of my poor coworkers had to stay at work (i only get a 30 minute lunch, and so i get to leave 30 minutes earlier than other people who start at the same time that i do). i think some of bigbigtruck‘s artwork was getting to me subconsciously since i got “white & nerdy” stuck in my head which led to me thinking of something ridiculous that i just had to put together when i got home:

yeahhhhh boyeeeee! i know what time it is! (bedtime!)

good thing i had a coworker take that picture of me at work being gangster and flashing the verizon wireless gang-signs years ago when i worked in the stores, otherwise this joke would be missing its punchline!

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