#4915 – oh dongs

good: went to anime usa, met all the friends i knew were going to be there, got to meet bigbigtruck and commissioned a lupin the 3rd piece that turned out awesome, also found the lupin the 3rd live action movie

bad: my 1.5 terabyte hard drive i had set up to run as two 750 gig drives striped together seems to have died after only a few months of usage. GREAT. there go my RAW photo files, music, etc. 🙁 lucky for me i can’t think of much else i had on there, though. but PHOTOS WHY MY PHOTOS.

at least i’ve got most of my photos as jpg files up on flickr, and ripping my music back will be a pain but not that bad (except i just recently finished importing almost all of my music collection and getting it all tagged correctly), but DAMMIT 1.5 TB HARD DRIVE WHY YOU FAIL ME SO.

and with leopard’s time machine, i can’t depend on any backups since OH HA HA MY BACKUPS ARE ON THIS DRIVE TOO. great. meanwhile my little 80 gig drive i have my mst3k episodes on is just clunking along fine even though it gets hauled around everywhere. how annoying is that??