#4912 – i __________, you __________, we all __________ for roughage

i can’t think of anything that rhymes with “roughage.” 😛 i’ve had a lot of salad recently and i’ve felt for the past few hours like i’ve got lettuce and other salad-stuffs caught in my throat. or at least i feel like i’m tasting lettuce constantly. what in the hell? i made spaghetti and meat-sauce last night, but i think the meat had gone slightly off; the meat had been in the freezer for a while, but the sauce kinda smelled funny and i think it was because of the meat. i’m going to toss out the leftovers and make some u.s. senate bean soup for dinner tonight instead.

this morning i stubbed a toe on the wooden lip of my bed around my mattress; after i finished holding my foot and muttering curses i went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and roxy the cat decided it would then be a good idea to step on my stubbed toe. >:( she has also decided she likes to try to curl up on the floor under my desk, not only where my feet go, but right where the wires for my speakers go too. the power plug in the back of the subwoofer (which powers the rest of the speakers) isn’t the strongest connection in the world — a slight breeze can move the wire enough to cause the speakers to lose power. so, of course, the cat likes to sit there and annoy me by making my computer lose sound. i shooed her away from there but then she wanted to sit on the other side underneath my desk, next to other wires. i don’t want her near the wires at all, so i have to keep booting at the cat to get her out. i suspect she’ll try to attack me in the night now.