#4910 – you can never have enough mini

my car’s got its quirks, and while i kind of like it for its quirks, they kind of make me want to trade it in for a new mini, even though it’s not exactly practical to do so at this point in time. one of its quirks (its check engine light likes to come and go as it pleases — i’ve taken it into two different dealerships at various times during the 3.5 years i’ve owned it and they say that they can’t find anything wrong with it… lately it comes on at the same time as the traction control light) has really been bugging me lately, even though it doesn’t have the car drive much differently. also, there’s a wire loose in my dome light in the ceiling: sometimes the interior light comes on when it should, and other times it doesn’t and i have to thump the ceiling to get the light to come on.

according to the kelley blue book i can expect $13,500 to trade it in – not bad, only about $10k less than what i paid for it new, all customized exactly how i wanted it, and including tax. i wonder what nifty things the ’08 minis are going to have?

also, lala_lisa: when do you think the ride for the feast planners might know what they need volunteer-wise? i can ask my local mini cooper group for assistance with the ride whenever, just let me know what’s needed! 🙂