#4904 – change of scenery for a quarter-life crisis

i meant to add the tag “life” to the tags for this post just out of habit, but i started to put it in the mood field and “listless” came up automatically. i think that suits this post more, so i’m going to leave it.

we had a meeting at work today to discuss team issues, and by “discuss” i mean that my team had to go into a conference room where for the most part we sat and were told about new directives and goals that we had to work towards effective as of today. most of the stuff is stuff that we’re supposed to do anyway, so it’s stuff that i’m already doing on my own, so i’m not too concerned. apparently, though, we aren’t really meeting our productivity goals as a team, so they’ve cut back on niceties and morale builders for us, and our budget is being used up by all of the overtime they keep having to offer to us so we can get caught up. meanwhile they still occasionally put us on the 800-line to answer calls. at least they acknowledged this today as impacting our productivity (but they’re not going to be doing anything about it). anyway, the one item that concerned me is a redefining of our productivity goals as of january 2008: there’s developing (< 1.5 emails per hour), performing (1.5 to 2.4 emails per hour), and leading (2.4+ emails per hour). i'm somewhere about 2 emails per hour. apparently things are going to be increased to around 3 emails per hour and i'm not thrilled about that. i did some reading tonight while poking around at different jobs and companies online; cnn had this bit about 20 great employers for new college graduates. i looked at the jobs briefly, but i may take a more in-depth look later. i should probably also see about fixing up a résumé to give to my uncle jack at thanksgiving since he’s always asking for a copy of my résumé. i can’t remember if he works for lockheed martin or if he works for northrop grumman, though: northrop grumman made that list, but lockheed martin didn’t.

one problem is that i’ve been doing customer service for the past 4 years… i know i want to do something else (leaving customer service means never having to say you’re sorry), but i can’t pin down exactly what that “something else” is. i don’t want to do IT programming, but unfortunately there’s not much else to do or find in IT. bleh.

it may just be my perception (isn’t that key, though?), but it seems to me that for the work that i’m given and the requirements i need to maintain, i should be getting better pay and perks. even something as basic as accruing paid time off, it’s annoying to see other jobs give as much or more days off as i’ve been able to earn after being with the company for 4 years. i wonder if i need a different corporate culture?