#4901 – hads

i had dinner, and then right afterwards i was starving again. wtf dinner? i tried to make a cube-steak dinner, but i don’t know dad’s recipe (he makes the BEST cube steak). it came out alright though for improvising. (i was also in the mood for some sort of steak dinner after importing my cowboy bebop soundtracks last night into my computer and thinking about beef with bell peppers while listening to it at work today.) i had a hershey’s chocolate bar afterwards and i’ve found that i hate these plastic wrappers they’re using for their chocolate bars now. bleh.

i had a dream about a month or so ago where i was working as a cashier at k-mart, and mike nelson was a cashier at k-mart too… “isn’t this weird, mike? i mean… i used to watch you on the teevee, man! and now we’re working side by side here at k-mart!!” for fun we’d take turns going to the store office and make announcements over the public-address system, and every time i’d be working at the register when he’d make his announcement i’d start cracking up since i knew it was mike nelson making the announcement.

i had a dream about a week ago that fullmetalpussy and i went to go see a band called “in a state of atlanta” perform. we couldn’t decide if they meant to name the band “in a state of confusion”, or “in a state of georgia” and used “atlanta” by accident, or if they named the band “in a state of atlanta” on purpose in order to confuse people.

i had another dream the other night that i was in a movie theater, i guess i was watching a double-feature. one of the movies was starring one of the history teachers at my old high school (i never had him myself, but zenmetsu and bruno_boy did), it was a sci-fi action movie with mr macheski flying a spaceship and dodging alien attacks on his ship. i don’t remember if it was the same movie, or maybe a different movie, but there was some actress who was this short redhead and was so cute to watch on screen. my friends and i watching the movie thought that she was the best actress ever, and afterwards when we were having dinner at this restaurant attached to the theater we somehow got this giant cake that filled up the entire table, but nobody ate any of it. when we were leaving the theater restaurant the actress showed up and was both excited that we got a cake because of her, but she was also disappointed that nobody ate any of the cake.

the next part of that dream had me either in some bizarre brothel or an olympic village since i was talking with this one woman in a swimsuit who really wanted to practice her “breaststroke”, harhar. her swimsuit looked like the australian flag except she was speaking with a german accent. anyway, she was trying to sweet-talk me and i told her that i needed to change my name. she suggested i change my name to “volkswagon”. 😛