#4887 – it's comcastic

me: *after doing the “tortoises having sex” sound and then thinking about the frogs/toads hopping around outside the apartment in the rain* “i wonder about frogs and toads having sex… do they make any weird noises? i bet if they had to wear condoms they’re ‘ribbited’ for her pleasure.”

zenmetsu: *talking about how gay customers at tower records would ask if he was gay “‘are you gay?’ ‘NO, I LISTEN TO METAL!!'”

bruno_boy: “is metal gay?”

me: “now freddie mercury, that’s ‘gay metal’!”

bruno_boy: *dips his potato waffles from chic-fil-a in his cookies ‘n cream milkshake*

kat: “gross!”

bruno_boy: *pretends to dip his chicken sandwich in his milkshake*

kat: “eww!”

bruno_boy: “what other weird foods can be dipped in there…?”

me: “i’ve got a pickle from my chicken sandwich!”

bruno_boy: “NO, you are not putting your pickle in my milkshake.”

me: “aw, c’mon dave… but i really like getting my pickle shaked!”

thanks comcast for apparently blocking some bittorrent traffic! if the AP didn’t do an article about it, i wouldn’t have remembered i was interested in finding some taped concerts. not only do i now have a shiny bittorrent client that i found, i also found some tunes. see what you made me do?!

meowremix3804: while poking around i found out i still have your login info you gave me to use for oink since mine either kept not working and/or has since expired, so i’ve logged in with your info to poke around – hope you don’t mind! 🙂