#4886 – professor chaos

one of my classes this semester is a history of the united states after 1865 class. it’s an online class. the midterm was to be done last week and turned in online by sunday. since i didn’t have my textbooks with me when i was in huntsville, i worked on the midterm on sunday. no problem, right?

in the online system that we use for this class, the professor has to create a link for each particular assignment; you click on the link and it brings up a screen where you choose the file to upload for that assignment. well, i would have been able to submit my exam if there was a link for me to upload the exam! i looked in the technical support conference that the professor created to see if anybody else was experiencing anything similar and there were already 3 or 4 people who were having the same problem. i left a message in there about how i was having the same issue so at least the professor could see that i would have turned it in online if i had the option to. (i wasn’t going to email it to him directly because he had already informed everybody that one particular assignment was going to be the last one that he’d accept sent to his own personal email and that any future assignments should be turned in online.)

i checked again on monday, but still no upload link. more people replied in the technical support forum about how they didn’t have the option to upload it and were hoping that they wouldn’t be marked down. i don’t see why anybody would be marked down if there’s absolutely no way to submit the exam.

checked again yesterday, no more posts in the technical support forum about this, but no upload link either.

checked again right now, there’s a few posts in the technical support forum from people who tried emailing the professor directly to see if he’s ok, but nothing else. no upload link, and no reply from the professor. i hope he’s ok!

but… uh… so what happens now?