#4879 – AAA

i figured that while i was here in huntsville that i’d go try hitting up the 18+ skate from 8-11 pm at the roller rink that’s a few miles down the road from the hotel, so i brought my skates along. folks thought my skate-luggage would get lost in flight, but no, my skates made it here fine. things looked like there would be no issue with me getting to the roller rink….

…until one of my coworkers took the car out to get some food or something and sent me a text message around 8. turned out she locked the key in the car by accident when she got back to the hotel. *facepalm*

good thing i’ve got AAA! they say the driver will be here in about 30 minutes. it’s like a pizza but with none of the food and all of the car-unlocking! whether or not i’ll go off skating after he jimmies the car open is another question.