#4878 – chew your doubletake, doubletake gum

yesterday while i was at work here in huntsville i was sending emails about the office and the business trip to my coworker kendrick – he and i had worked in the annapolis store together as customer care reps, then he went up to federal accounts to be on the tech support team, and a few months after that i transferred to federal accounts internet response team. anyway, he was asking me about the hotel i was in and whether or not i had a rental car and if i would be able to pick him up from the airport so he could chill with me down here. i thought he was joking, but today he showed up to assist the federal tech support team that’s down here; one of the supervisors of the phone team here (who had worked up in maryland and had transferred down here), she had picked him up from the airport.

after work we came back to the hotel so he could check in and felicia and i could get something straightened out with the corporate card that was used to reserve our rooms – apparently it was declined or we needed an authorization form or something, i don’t know. anyway, felicia asked me to check to see if my key still worked for my room since the credit card that was used to reserve the rooms was declined, but i didn’t have any trouble getting in. kendrick showed up right behind me to leave his stuff in my room while he waited for the authorization form to be faxed, and soon afterwards he stopped by my room to say that he was all checked in; i’m in room 136, and he’s in room 337. i told him to drop his stuff off at his room and change and come back down and then we’d go get some dinner and he said ok.

felicia messaged me a little bit after that to see if she could use the rental car to run out for a bit, and since i wasn’t sure when kendrick was coming down i gave her the key to use in the meantime. a while later she returned but i still hadn’t heard from kendrick, so i tried calling him a few times but his phone just rang and rang and then i got his voicemail each time. i sent him a text message asking if he fell asleep, and later i sent him another one saying that i figured he fell asleep after the early flight and long day and that i was headed out to get food.

kendrick, well, we call him “dr. lee” (his last name) because he’s always out making “housecalls”, if you know what i mean (wink wink, nudge nudge). whenever we have a party and he’s invited, either he won’t show, or he’ll show up for a short while and then have to leave because of a “housecall”.

i left my room to go drive to mcdonald’s down the street, and as soon as i stepped out of the room a girl who looked very suspiciously like the supervisor who picked him up at the airport was coming out of the elevator. her hair was braided in the front and then afro’d out and that was the main thing i noticed, and it’s a pretty unique hairstyle, so i’d strongly doubt there’s another person here with that same style. she said “hi” and i replied with “hey” and i was already walking through the door when i realized what just happened. it seems the doctor is “in”, bahahahaha… that’s our dr. lee!

i’m liking this training support i’m doing; i sit around for 8 hours and then run off to help people with systems issues or procedural questions as needed. i don’t have to clock in or out, everything’s less stressful and everybody’s friendly. the call center is new and really nice too. too bad i can’t get a regular gig like this where i just pop over from call center to call center as needed and help people out. i’d probably consider a position with the training department but i wouldn’t want to prepare and teach the classroom courses, though.

tomorrow: more of the same. will probably try to get to the skating rink a few miles down the road if i can hijack the car from 8 pm onwards. of course, this is also dependent on the mood i’m in once i get a certain email reply to a certain email inquiry… depending on the response i get, i may not want to bother wasting my time trying to get to the rink down here. :/