#4877 – requiem for a boo

the lady who sits across from my desk here in huntsville transferred here from atlanta and is absolutely hilarious. today she declared that this one sales rep was “shady as a mug”, and when she lamented that her supervisor for her half of the internet response team here wasn’t as on-the-ball as the supervisor for the other half of the internet response team, one of the other coordinators offered to have her supervisor “adopt” her into their team… she replied with “oh, i WISH i was adopted! i feel like i’m in one of them group homes with 15 or 20 other kids and you get an assistant named ms. sharon or mr. steven who comes to visit you twice a week and see how you’re doing… ohh, my supervisor makes me feel like a ward of the state!”

her speaking style makes me think of “boo got shot” for 8 hours, i love it!