#4873 – huntsvillian

about a month ago we opened up a call center in huntsville, alabama. since we needed more room for the federal account support team we started a second federal support team in the huntsville call center so not only would we have more room to grow but we also now have a redundant call center just in case something were to happen at this location. though there’s a few people who transferred from the laurel call center to huntsville, most of the people there are new hires.

we’ve been sending a few people there for a few days at a time to help train and assist the new hires. yesterday my supervisors asked me if i’d be interested in helping out, and i told them that i was definitely interested in going down there. turns out it’s sooner than i expected — i’m leaving on monday (yes, 3-days-from-now monday) and will be coming back on friday. it’s a bit exciting but also a bit disappointing in that it’s so soon and that i’m going to have nothing really to do. it’s my first ever business trip though!

(on a side note, did you know that september 29th was my 4-year anniversary? bet you didn’t!)

today we booked the flights (non-stop there and back, that’s nice), the hotel (i get a 2-bed queen-sized room with a minifridge and free internets, yay mariott), and the rental car. i get frequent flyer miles on the flight back (i don’t have a membership with delta for the flight down) and hotel points. free traveling points are always good in my book!

but i’m going to be BORED while i’m there, any suggestions on how to keep entertained when there’s going to be one other person there i know? too bad the huntsville space center is only open 9am-5pm, it would have been nice to go check that out! 🙁