#4872 – 8×10 = $20

last night i ordered about 10 prints of 8×10 photos online to be printed out at and picked up from target today after work. the nice thing about this option on flickr is that your photos are ready within 1 hour but you can only choose glossy photos instead of a matte finish. i prefer the matte finish and i wasn’t too thrilled about the glossy photos, but it sure beat saving $16 or so for super-express shipping. it still came out to be about $20 for the prints, though. i was originally going to order all of my prints i needed this way, but then i remembered the photo printer i’m borrowing from one of my fraternity brothers (i used it for taking pictures of people with cardboard cutouts of the president and with test man at an event for work a few months ago and i still have the printer with me) and figured that i’d save a few bucks and just print the 4×6 prints here myself.

so after work i went to the target in silver spring, bought a birthday card for dad (i don’t know what to get him as a gift, though… at least, i don’t know anything i can afford at the moment :P), and went to the photo desk to pick up my order. after they looked around for a while and couldn’t find it they asked me for my order confirmation number. when i looked it up on my phone i realized that i had requested my photos to be available for pickup at the target in bowie instead – i was originally thinking of having them picked up at the one in bowie (figuring that i could grab them on my way to annapolis), but changed my mind and figured that the silver spring one is closer and would save me gas. i must have forgotten to change the store in my request. argh.

so i drove over to target in bowie (it actually kind of worked out since my route there had me bypass some of the traffic on the beltway and i was able to stop in a few other stores along the way to look for some things i needed), but when i got there i found out that their 8x10s weren’t printing properly because a part broke in their machine and they’re waiting for the replacement! 🙁 it prints 85% of the print fine, but the last 15% is all white. they offered to let me know once it’s fixed but i told them not to bother since i needed the photos by tomorrow. on the bright side, you don’t pay for your prints until you get them from the store, so i didn’t have to worry about getting a refund. too bad i won’t be able to have any 8×10 prints like i wanted, but at least i saved about $20.

at first the printer didn’t want to work at all, even after i uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers it still wasn’t starting up. eventually i held down the power button when i plugged it in and that reset something in it and now it’s working fine.

now that i’ve got all the prints i need for this contest at work tomorrow (i’m bringing in a bunch of ones about baseball as well as some roller derby ones) i thought i’d find a photo of my family to pin up at my desk; one of my coworkers who used to sit next to me always pestered me that i didn’t have any photos of my family up, so i figured why not print one up now while i’m on a roll? didn’t find a good photo i liked of the whole family, but i did find this — check the notes out on the photo, hah!