#4867 – i see i'm knee-deep in busy

things are still crazy busy lately. if i had vacation time available, i’d take off for a few days just to get caught up on a bunch of stuff i’ve been trying to get caught up on, like emails, website editing, various chores and organizing… *grumble* there’s never enough hours in any day and never enough days in any weekend to get stuff done.

i picked up my new glasses today – my left eye hadn’t changed as much as i thought it had, but it’s nice to have some new specs with a current prescription. everything looks just a bit sharper now than they did before, it’s nice to see extra detail.

my knees and legs have been aching today… it’s been a little bit disturbing to hear my knees pop when i haven’t really bent the legs that much. yeech. it doesn’t help that i get more legroom in coach class than what i get in my cubicle at work and my legs feel cramped up under my desk. roller skating also probably doesn’t help the cause any.

but busy busy busy for the rest of the week…. tomorrow will be work until 5:30, then class from 7 to 9:30. wednesday will have overtime again with work from 9 am – 9:30 pm, then open-skate on thursday and then a few hours of overtime on friday before going to hannahchan‘s going-away duckpin bowling fiesta. saturday and sunday will be out of town and up in new york.