#4865 – excerpt from the trip to the pioneer valley derby bout

at a rest stop, somewhere in new jersey…

me: “sweet! look what i found! i HAVE to buy this book!”

cynicalscribe: “NO YOU DO NOT.”

me: flips to random page and reads “…’There is never a man so poor or so friendless that he does not have an audience: God.’ …what?!?” turns book over and reads from the back “…’Use them to spice up your speeches, sermons, church bulletins–anywhere a quick word of wit or wisdom is needed.’ …LAMEST BOOK OF ZINGERS EVER.”

later that weekend…

me: “…so i picked up this book of zingers and it’s all this stuff about god and whatnot. i was seriously hoping for 5000 ‘your mom’ jokes.”

greyplanet: “‘jesus christ died for your sins!’ OH SNAP!

a few days later…

bruno_boy: “i can imagine it now, some guy goes off to confession and tells the priest about how he’s lied and sinned and such, and then the priest says…”


bruno_boy: “exactly!!”