#4858 – i tend to have that effect on the ladies

“your ipod is called ‘the bismarck’?”



oh, that’s so when i connect it to my computer, it says:

“oh god, HAHAHAHAHA! …………i totally want to make out with you right now.”


a conversation like that cannot go unquoted, hahaha.

i tried to go to the navy federal ATM after open-skate for some cash, but it wouldn’t let me take the money i have in my account out (who knows why since it is in there… my new card and PIN should be active by now and the ATM took the card in fine, so i dunno why it refused my transaction), and my other accounts might get a little interesting once the apartment complex deposits the rent. guh. unless i can wrangle the machine into giving me my money, i’m only going to have $10 in cash on me this weekend. *grumble* at least mom’s promised to pay me $50 after my first derby bout, and there’s only 1 week until payday!