#4856 – shirtless in seattle

1. “Killer”

2. “Glennuine”

3. “Draft”

4. “4.7% A.B.V.”

lines 2 and 3 were a cinch, line 1 wasn’t too hard (my printer outsmarted me, though — i made it a mirror image for the t-shirt transfer sheet since you iron it on backwards, but when i then selected “t-shirt transfer” for the media option the printer mirror-imaged my mirror-image, so i had to remove the mirror image option that i manually did). it peeled away some when i was applying it, so i had to touch it up with a sharpie. i know it’s not a silkscreen and i was hoping it’d look a little bit nicer, but it’s not bad bad.

line 4 is a fiasco, though:

  • i was going to try printing the whole thing out as a t-shirt transfer, but my printer ran out of black ink, and the black ink i got from feisty_fitz‘s old printer that looked like it would work has the same shape as my cartridges, but it’s just slightly too big for my print head. the color ones are the same, but the color ink tanks aren’t printing magenta for some reason or another (not that that matters when i’m trying just to get something printed out in black).
  • so i’m using these iron-on numbers, and they are stubborn and almost refuse to get on. i’m convincing them to stick, but not very well (part of the leg of the “4” fell off :P). i’m not even going to bother with a percent sign or the “A.B.V.” at this point. if i can just get my “4.7” to stay then i’ll be ok.

    it’s like the mitch hedberg skit – we’re not going to tell you which one, but one of these payments is going to be a bitch… the mailman will get shot to death, the envelope will not seal, and the stamp will be in the wrong denomination!