#4854 – werecat!

the scene: glenn is in his pajamas, barefoot. roxy the cat is sprawled out on the floor of the living room.

glenn: *walks toward roxy like frankenstein’s monster*

roxy: *stares*

glenn: “i guess that didn’t scare you, huh?”

roxy: *pounces at glenn’s feet, wraps her paws around both ankles and bites his left foot*

glenn: “YIKES!” *jumps backwards*

roxy: *stares*

glenn: *tries to sneak around roxy by jumping past her and whooping like dr. zoidberg*

roxy: *continues to pounce at glenn’s feet*

glenn: “HEY! stop that!” *walks backward down the hall to his room with roxy staring at his feet*

and then i put shoes on. i guess she doesn’t appreciate stinky feet!