#4845 – i shoot better than the man with no name

more photos from heartland havoc are currently uploading to flickr.

2007-08-18 17-03-42

2007-08-18 17-16-54

2007-08-18 18-21-44

damn am i good, or am i GOOD! i think i prefer the shots i took on day 2 without the flash better than the ones i took on days 1 and 3 with the flash. the ones i got from this weekend’s bout with the flash aren’t bad, but natural lighting looks better and beats out flash-induced artificial lighting any day. unless you’re shooting at skateland where its natural lighting is no light whatsoever, then you have to use the flash (which for some reason likes to induce red-eye, but that might be the diffuser’s fault… i asked epmd if he had any red-eye issues before and he said no, but this is the first time he’s working with the omnibounce so he’ll see how it works out. that’s going to take some time to edit… i’m normally lazy about it, but now i’m trying to work it a bit more professionally and maintain at least a modicum of a standard). anyway, tomorrow’s plan is to finish getting the heartland havoc photos up and hopefully get this past weekend’s photos edited and up as well.

i think once that’s all done then i’ll have to look through them a bit more critically and pick out some winners to add to my roller derby “project” and clear out some that i think don’t jive as well. like i said, standards!

now if i only had a faster computer and a nicer camera! this one is slow and pokey and barely edits photos, and my camera-skills could be so much better with equipment that’s suited for sporting events. like a 1D mark III! or even a 40D, i’d settle for that.