#4840 – mama mia, that's-a spicy fast-a-ball

i got to the ballpark during the 6th inning of the first game, and it turned out that one of my old coworkers from when i worked in the store was sitting across the aisle from me. it was a perfect seat too, right on the aisle with the all-you-can-eat food stand and restrooms just around the corner! the first game ended with the orioles losing 30 to 3 (most runs scored in one game by a major league team since 1897, and the most runs scored ever in the american league — now i have something to tell my grandkids). BUT i got my eat on, just like i said i would. i had a wristband and at the specified food stand i could have my pick of:

  • hot dogs
  • nachos
  • popcorn
  • peanuts
  • soda / lemonade
  • ice cream sandwiches

    i had (of course) at least one of each! the total kibble consumed by me was 2 hot dogs, 4 sodas, popcorn, nachos, a bag of peanuts (though i took two sacks of nuts, harharhar) and two ice cream sandwiches (i originally asked for one, but when the man asked me a moment later how many i wanted i changed my mind to two ice cream sandwiches since i was feeling saucy). i pity the toilet that gets a visit from me first thing in the morning after all that ballpark food. 😛

    the guy sitting in front of me was in his 20s as well and he and i talked baseball throughout the games and we’d jump around and high-five each other when good stuff would happen and we’d boo when bad stuff happened too.

    at one point near the end when there were barely any people left in the stadium and you could hear individual people cheering across the park, there was a foul ball hit in the left-field stands. this guy in a yankees jacket tried to get the ball and as a few other folks ran over to find it we started yelling “DON’T LET THE YANKEE GET IT!” and we cheered when a guy in an orioles jersey came up with the ball.

    the game itself didn’t let out until 12:30 am, and then it took forever for the light rail to get moving, and i didn’t get back here until 1:30-1:45 am. some guy waiting for the light rail was talking on his phone about how he and his friends “pissed off jay payton. again.”, and apparently jay payton gave someone the finger or something, haha.

    i miss double-headers, though… those are fun. too bad they only have double-headers now when there’s a game that’s been rained out or something instead of scheduling them in the season. but i have to say that even though we lost both games (the second one was lost 9 to 7), i couldn’t have picked a better day for getting my ballpark food on.

    anyway, i need to get into bed now before it’s too late again! i’ll complain about work-related stuff tomorrow.