#4831 – back from ohio!

i just got back from ohio — the drive back took a bit longer than it did to get there since i stopped for brunch at a cracker barrel for an hour and it rained about 90% of the way back. _venus_ says the o’s game tonight is rained out. somehow i’m not surprised! cynicalscribe, i got you some heartland havoc goodies. 🙂

i’ve got all this email to catch up on, but first i’m going to hop in the shower, shave off this beard and mustache (while i kinda like the way it looks, it’s been getting annoying, so it’s time for it to go), grab my clothes for work tomorrow and then head back to the ol’ homestead so i can go to my 10 am dentist appointment. i think i’ll wait until “akira” is over, though — zenmetsu was watching it when i got home, and on demand has it… it’s dubbed, but it’s in hi-definition and looks nice!