#4829 – oh derby

oh man, tonight has just been one lol right after another, thanks to derby and rumors and scuttlebutt and assorted amusements and one-liners and zings. TOTALLY. i just got back from the tournament afterparty with booze and dancing and i could murder a slice of pepperoni pizza from BOP right now, but i’m not in fells point so that’s pretty much out of the question. i had to settle for a string cheese and some chocolate-covered espresso beans that virginia slim had instead.

note to self: chocolate-covered espresso beans are not what you should have to eat when it’s 2 am and you’re thinking about going to bed, no matter how drunk you are. 😛 ohh, BOP pizza… how i long for thee.

in other news, itsonlyroknroll! are you free any time in the next week or so and would you be interested in taking portraits of my roller derby team for our site and inclusion in the event program? let me know if you’d be interested and if you might have any ideas for good photoshoots!

eta: screw pizza, i want some hashbrowns!