#4824 – 1/8 done, 11/12 to go

photos of the first bout (atlanta rollergirls vs. windy city rollers) are edited and area bout to upload now; i’ll link to ’em in the morning. i can’t find any flickr pool for the heartland havoc… i wonder if there even is one? if not, i’m tempted to make one myself.

one thing this weekend has done for me is it’s made me want:

  • a faster laptop for editing (things are taking foreverrrr on here), and
  • the canon 1D – mark III camera

    there’s so many shots that i would have had if my camera were able to auto-focus faster, had more auto-focus points to choose and a more responsive shutter. really, at the end of the day my camera still only is a basic SLR and not much else. at least, it wasn’t designed specifically for high-speed sports.

    fightscrime was nice enough to suggest to mercy less to see if WFTDA or the sponsors could reimburse me for the batteries i bought (96 AAA batteries… and that’s just enough for 2 days! i changed some settings and went without a flash today), and mercy less said she’d look into it. if it happens, that’s awesome, and if it doesn’t, oh well since i wasn’t expecting it in the first place. but even though i’m working it like a part-time job i dropped my receipt in the trash and the hotel cleaning crew already hauled it away. wonder if i could just get $40-worth of new wheels? haha… i need something stickier, but i can’t remember what i’ve got or know what i should get.

    ok, time to get some z’s.