#4823 – the competition

the final bout for the day just ended about 30 minutes ago; that last bout was very very strategic, it was impressive. i’m offloading the photos of it now to my laptop for later editing before i go out to find an ATM and the afterparty.

while i was walking towards the elevators along with everybody else, this one guy was trying to read my photographer’s badge:

guy: “so who are you taking photos for?”

me: “well, i’m with charm city, but i’m taking photos for all the leagues since charm city isn’t here.”

guy: “do you skate with the guy’s league? harm city…?”

me: “yeah!”

guy: “then i’ll see you in october! i’m with the shock exchange – abe drinkin’.” *extends hand*

me: “killer glennuine draft.” *shakes hand*

guy: “HAH, NICE!”

eta: actually, i’ll probably skip the afterparty tonight. i could go for some food but i’m not really hungry, and schlepping around to find an ATM so i can get some food at the bar (like last night’s bratwurst and “french fryes”) doesn’t seem worth it tonight. a-photo-editing i will go, then!