#4818 – c'bus. c'bus run.

i paid for the wireless internet here at the hotel so i could write this, pay my car insurance bill before it’s due on sunday and give you folks the pictures each day from the eastern regionals. this and any subsequent posts cost $9.99 per day! whatever happened to hotels (cheap ones, too) having free wireless internet access? the signal in this room is jumping around like crazy, but at least the speed is fast and consistent.

yesterday we did this team-building thing at work. i could see what they were trying to accomplish by having us do it, but that didn’t stop me from thinking that most of it was kind of dumb. i think team-building things that have people do little drills and stuff are dumb anyway. after work i got the expensive plastic box that holds 8 batteries to give my flash a total of 12 batteries to use that was delivered to the house, and then scooted back to the apartment. cynicalscribe came over to see roxy, and zenmetsu let the cat out of the bag room so now roxy can explore the place.

today i got my oil changed and my tires rotated (a little bit later than i planned, since i wanted to go first thing in the morning), dropped some photos off to be mailed, and then made my way to columbus, ohio for this weekend’s “heartland havoc” roller derby tournament. i didn’t actually get underway until about 4:30-5:00 or so because of the few errands i had to run, but i made pretty good time and got here by 11 pm even with a few stops to stretch my legs, buy a soda and candy, or get gas and a sandwich from subway. hung out in the hotel bar with jazzometer, fightscrime and textureslut, and we kept an eye out to see what leagues were arriving here at the hotel at what times.

i’ve got my own game-plan for this weekend’s photography each day:

  • take photos of each game (4 games per day, with hour-long breaks in between each) on my 6 gigs of memory cards.
  • during the hour-long breaks, offload the pictures from the memory cards on to my laptop.
  • at the end of each day, offload the pictures from the laptop to my terabyte hard drive and do a quick edit for textureslut to do his writeups. (woot, i’m going to be getting my feet wet with photojournalistic deadlines and can really make use of aperture’s photo-comparison feature).
  • party.

    my hotel room is just to the right of the green arrow, and i’ve got a corner room so my room is surrounded by windows it seems. if it was bigger it’d be like a corner penthouse suite, but it had me impressed when i walked in. i told jazzometer, fightscrime and textureslut about the corner-ness and how neat it looks, and it might end up that my room will be the party room. it’s got a pretty good view north up high street, at least. it also has an alarm clock / ipod dock that plays your ipod and can wake you up. decent quality, too!

    i’ll need to wake up early tomorrow, but how early depends on what i want to get done:

  • if i want to help set up the track for tomorrow’s games at the convention center attached to the hotel, i’ll need to wake up around 6:30-7am.
  • if i want to get some batteries for my flash (i need to find a best buy or someplace where i can buy boatloads of batteries — if i’m using 12 batteries for each match and there’s 4 matches each day, that’s 48 batteries every day, or 144 for the weekend. yikes.) i’ll need to wake up early enough to get to the store when it opens at 10.

    the plan is to set the alarm for 6:40 am and see what happens. i’ve got another alarm set for 8 and 8:20 (my usual alarms for work). and i musn’t forget breakfast — hopefully i can find some pancakes. greyplanet made me hungry with his post about the original pancake house.

    i also need to remember to clean my lenses, too.

    eta: apparently there’s a train tunnel right next to the hotel that also goes by right next to my room (well, as next to it as being on the 8th floor gets me). the train wheels squeak and screech as they go by. there’s already been at least two trains go by while i was writing this post, and this latest train had the nerve to blow its horn at 2 am. fuck that noise.