#4816 – topical quotes

i’ve been in a good happy mood the last few days, what with having fun and making photography-money this last weekend, and going on vacation to the eastern regionals this coming weekend. plus the o’s CLOBBERED the yankees 12 to 0 tonight, even though they plunked miggy and honeybear. boo! but aubrey huff hit a grand slam and and we gave up only 2 hits, so that’s all good.

i’m describing visiting folks like ocarina, gaiadea, geminid, evilyn and shleb (among others) at randolph-macon womens’ college back in the day…

me: “so then there’s me in this dorm room with all these women and they’re all ‘hey, let’s start measuring each others’ chests!’ and i’m all ‘yessssss!’, but they’re all ‘glenn, let’s start with you!’, so i’m all ‘nooooooo…’. after they measured me they said ‘glenn! we don’t know how to break this to you… but you’ve got a negative bust! your chest is concave!”

bruno_boy: “well, i guess you’ve got what every pirate wants, then.”

me: “huh? what’s that?”

bruno_boy: “a sunken chest!”

me: “…”

“what every pirate wants?” oh, i hope not. and speaking of bad piratey things, bruno_boy also pointed out to me that “the pirate movie” is on comcast on-demand until sometime in october:

i’m tempted to have a crappy-movie night one night where folks come here, booze it up and watch “the pirate movie”, but 6 or 7 years ago when i last showed people “the pirate movie” they dragged me out of the house and locked me out after the movie. (in my defense, we weren’t old enough to drink then, and i didn’t realize it was that crappy since i had originally seen it when i was in 5th or 6th grade when a friend of mine was in the town theater’s production of “the pirates of penzance”.)

coworker: “man, today has been really crappy.”

me: “you should regulate.”

coworker: “how would i do that?”

me: *shrug*

coworker: “regulate, huh? maybe i should take an immodium a.d.! that’ll stop it from being crappy!”

the neat thing about working with a bunch of african-american females about 10+ years older than i am is that they think it’s hilarious when i start saying stuff like “regulate” or that things are “off the chain”.

i can’t wait for tomorrow to be over… i don’t need a vacation from work, but i need a vacation from a customer of mine — she’s been emailing me 2 to 3 times every day for the past week about the status of her transfer. you’re probably not going to be able to follow this pretty well, but this is what’s happening:

  • authorized end user for the source account sends an assumption of liability document to transfer her number from a personal account and into a federal account; i tell her that we need her husband to sign the form since he’s the actual account holder and the end user isn’t authorized to release the liability, and that we need a purchase order to cover the funds for this new number when it’s placed into the federal account, and we’ll need to know the destination account number since that wasn’t listed on the transfer form.
  • i then receive an assumption of liability form filled out and signed correctly (except this one doesn’t have the price plan listed, but that’s no big deal since i know from the original one what plan they want) and a purchase order, but still no destination account number
  • i get the destination account number from a sales rep working on the account
  • i forward the forms to a team that we have that determines if the documents and funding are all good to go… but the email has changed and so it doesn’t get delivered
  • the customer starts emailing me to find out what the status is, and i find out that it wasn’t delivered
  • i send the forms to a supervisor on the team that does the verification so they can expedite the request
  • customer keeps emailing me but i don’t know anything
  • supervisor finds an error in the purchase order, need to have the purchase order updated
  • get an updated purchase order and forward it to the supervisor
  • customer is still emailing me and i keep telling her i’m waiting for approval since i can’t transfer the number without approval
  • no response from the supervisor, send an email to find out what’s up
  • still no response, head to verification team w/ my supervisor to find out what’s up
  • supervisor had already forwarded it to someone on her team to process, finds more errors in the purchase order (the customer had only specified enough funding for 1 month instead of 12), but they’ll allow the transfer since there’s at least some funding listed
  • tell the customer that i’ve got good news, they’re letting me finally do the transfer and to expect a confirmation of the transfer shortly, but will need the purchase order to be fixed again
  • customer emails me while i’m doing the transfer with “where is the good news?? is the transfer going to be done or not??” (uh, i told you i was working on it and that you’d get the transfer confirmation any moment now.) “sorry, but that was clear as mud!!” (riight. you’ve been very patient, but by now i think you just like to complain.)
  • tell the customer the transfer is complete
  • customer still upset and wants to know why the other people in her group got their numbers transferred from sprint within 1 day while her transfer took 2 weeks. (well, theirs was a port, yours was a transfer. theirs just needed an authorized point-of-contact to give their permission and the source account info with a purchase order, while yours needed signed documentation and it would have helped if you had provided the information we needed from the beginning.) she also now wants to know how to get her number placed on a device already on the account (you’ll have to have your serial numbers swapped, but you’re not authorized on the account these numbers are now on so i can’t give you specific info and i can’t tell you who is or who isn’t authorized for security reasons. this is what i’m trying to tell her right now.)

    so that’s what i’ve been putting up with the last few days. i’m going to like telling her to direct any questions and concerns to someone else in my team since i’m not going to be around for the next several days. 🙂 the workdays have been flying by, and i get a free lunch tomorrow at work as well.

    i bought an external battery pack-thing for my flash and it was just delivered to the ol’ homestead today. i’ll pick it up tomorrow and will bring it with me to the regionals. epmd, one of the other derby photographers, he was using one for the first time at the last bout and it gives about 400 photos with a total of 12 AA batteries (8 in the holster-thing, 4 in the flash itself) and almost no recycling time. perfect! i’ll have to remember to stock up on AA batteries for this weekend, though.