#4811 – lazing on a sunday afternoon

sheesh, $700+ including fees for my hotel room for the eastern regionals tournament! granted, that’s for 4 nights, but still. if anybody needs a room and wouldn’t mind crashing on the floor (thursday night through sunday night! and the hotel is connected to the convention center!), then please see your friendly neighborhood globalglenn.

friday night, bruno_boy, zenmetsu, kat and mytinyworld and i all piled into kat’s car to go to soundgarden in fells point — dave and i caused our usual antics in the car and i ended up buying:

  • “fillmore east, june 1971” by frank zappa & the mothers of invention
  • the soundtrack to “lost in translation”
  • “live at folsom prison” by johnny cash
  • “to the 5 boroughs” by the beastie boys
  • “who are you” and “who’s next” by the who

    yesterday i drove up to fenwick island to take pictures of one of my coworkers — she had rented me out to take photos of her and her family for their christmas cards. i had planned to get my tires rotated and oil changed beforehand, but being up until 4 in the morning put an end to that idea. i left the apartment at around 1 or 1:30 (google maps said it’d take about 3 hours, and i was scheduled to be there at about 5:30), but i didn’t get there until 6 pm! and half of that time was spent sitting in traffic! i took their photos (which took only about 30-40 minutes, most of which time was spent trying to get the kids to look at the camera and not cause trouble), and then after another 20-30 minutes of standing around and talking and drinking a diet pepsi i left to go back to the baltimore area. they threw in about $40 extra for me which was nice.

    i picked up cynicalscribe from her house and she and i went to dave & buster’s (the chuck e. cheese for grown-ups). first we had dinner and got our talk on, and then it was on to the skeeball where we made every single dirty / bad joke that can be made about skeeball. stuff like “you need to caress your balls to get them up and into the hole”, or we’d push the button to start the game and release the balls for play and they’d get stuck in the tube, prompting “my balls are stuck in the hole and i can’t get them out!” carrie thought that was more of a personal problem for me, bahaha. she owned me in skeeball, though.

    (at one point, these two random guys noticed that the hatch to the ticket-dispenser at the machine next to me wasn’t latched properly, and they were taking fistfuls of tickets out of there like nobody’s business — the whole thing was like a bank robbery, one guy taking the tickets out while the other guy kind of blocked the first guy from view and kept lookout. eventually he said “c’mon man, it’s just like a bank robbery! you gotta know when to go!” later an attendant had to add more tickets to it since it was empty and i kept trying not to crack up about how the tickets vanished.)

    we also played the super trivia game and we both did pretty well on that, though she beat me on that too. i ended up with 404 tickets, and she ended up with almost double what mine was.

    afterwards we went back to her place and watched adult swim (“bleach”, “astro boy”, “ghost in the shell: stand alone complex”, and one or two others that i don’t know the names of) and made fun of some of the shows and just chatted during others. there was a bad guy in the astro boy cartoon who looked like what dirty marty would look like if he was a 50’s-era anime villain which made it especially funny. we ended up watching anime until 6 am, then we let her cat out to go explore while we crashed in bed. her cat was let back in around 4 pm and is probably still cross at me for intruding. we “officially” (i say “officially” since we would wake up, laze around and fall back asleep pretty much the whole time) woke up around 5. it was nice, though.

    i headed back to my place for a shower and breakfast dinner before picking up sin diesel from the subway and then headed up to baltimore for open skate. we skated from 8:30 until close, then got stuck in traffic with all sorts of crazy folks who weren’t driving very well. took a back route back to silver spring, and then back to the apartment. i couldn’t decide if i should make a cheesesteak (i had a craving after talking about food with sin diesel in the car on the way back, but was feeling lazy about cooking it and warming the bun, etc., etc.), or if i should make some tortellini (easy, but would make a ton more than i wanted). so, i had neither. problem solved!

    while at open skate, i mentioned to carrie the idea i had about figuring out how to get customized beer cozies made up, and somehow that evolved into “there should be a harm city homicide beefcake calendar for sale.” she said that the gotham roller girls have their own calendar, so why not harm city homicide? i’ve got no idea who’d be willing to photograph a bunch of guys in cheezy beefcake calendar setups (maybe defekto?), but this is an idea that almost HAS to be done just because how hilarious it’d be. i call dibs on being mr. august! i had no idea earlier tonight what in the world i could do, but i think that after i saw a sign that said “LOCAL CORN –>” and almost pulled over just to take a photo of it, i’d say that i’d have to be relaxing with a beer at a roadside stand or something, and that sign would have to be involved somehow and pointing at me. globalglenn is the new local corn.

    tomorrow zenmetsu and i will be getting a cat, apparently! it will be a black cat named roxy, we’re going to be taking her from kat’s friends who can’t take her with them to their new place.