#4805 – civil treatment

at work today i was scheduled for a civil treatment for employees training program (hence the previous photo post of a scenario in the workbook) — 2 1/2 hours of sitting around and talking about common-sense situations that could get you into trouble.

afterwards i picked up harm city homicide skater-to-be raphael (“sin diesel” if he gets the derby name he wants) from the metro station… he works at the rock ‘n roll hotel in dc and informed me that andrew wk is going to be coming later in the month and i can probably get in free. wonder if andrew wk will remember calling me a “snappy dresser”, hah. anyway, we got up to virginia slim’s place in baltimore about 45 minutes early, so we had a beer or two at the bar around the corner. at the meeting itself we figured out who’d be on which committees (i’m on the web-presence & finance committees) and other general team planning.

i’d write more about what we did, but i feel pretty tired already and think i’ll get to bed a little bit early tonight.