#4799 – lazy friday

so far this is the laziest 25th birthday ever — i woke up around 11:30 and the a/c had frozen over so everything was hot. poked at the thermostat to get the ice on the compressor to defrost, and then started getting my music library hardcore-organized by starting to re-import things anew at a higher bitrate and more accurate tags.

i’m trying to think of what to do tomorrow where folks can come out and chill and celebrate, but i can’t think of much. so far i think that going to max’s taphouse in fells point around 7 or 8 pm is going to be the plan, and we’ll see how things go from there. i looked at the virgin music festival’s schedule online and things end by about 10 pm, so if any ccrg folks are able to come out afterwards to commemorate a quarter-century of glenn then that’d be awesome, but if that’s not practical then it’s understandable. let me know if you read this and think you might join up so i know who to expect and keep an eye out for!

(i was this tempted to get a ticket at least for saturday’s virgin fest — i’d just need to plop down in front of the north stage all day: fountains of wayne, cheap trick… actually, everybody but amy winehouse i’d be interested in seeing perform, and i only say “everybody but” because i haven’t heard any of amy winehouse’s stuff. the sunday schedule is ok — if i got to see wu-tang clan, velvet revolver, 311, the crystal method, deep dish and m.i.a. without having to shell out another $50 that’d be neat, but i’m not that pressed about it — but it’s not that interesting to me. then again, i think i prefer saving the $100 by not getting a ticket to saturday.)

anyway, mom and anne and i our headed out to eat now, and then we’ll have cake ‘n ice cream (dad’s out on a business trip until sunday).