#4798 – so far, this is the oldest i've ever been

my derby wife/girlfirend/life-partner/etc cynicalscribe and i carpooled our way up to dundalk for open skate today, and when i got to her place she had a roller derby birthday present for me! that was really nice of her. it was a bag filled with things that any derby skater could use, things like blister treatments, band-aids, foot powder, under armour socks, moleskin, vitamin water and protein bars. when i saw the birthday card when i got to my place, i really did laugh out loud when i saw the card had a duck on it. what’s so funny about a duck? well, it’s kind of an unofficial team mascot because of an inside joke (virginia slim once told us how he had to go to a safe-sex seminar at his college and he unexpectedly learned the proper way to do something particular which required you to form your hand into the shape of a duck’s beak :P). plus, i believe that fightscrime once also noted that it works well as a slogan for harm city homicide: “welcome to baltimore — duck motherfucker!”

but now i’m having a beer and a sandwich and i’m thinking of watching a movie. i think comcast on-demand is on a robert redford kick — “the natural”, “the sting” and a few other movies of his are available. and i was thinking today about “the natural” since it’s been years and years and years since i’ve seen it. plus, someone posted this in baseball:

they also have “xanadu” on demand. er… yeah. i’ll write up more about today later after a movie.

eta: …or not. i’m ready for bed already. 😛