#4796 – terabyte me

i need to empty the stuff out of the car (tent, cots, etc.), but i’m hot and wearing my same clothes i wore to work, so i don’t really want to… but i know i have to. i didn’t go to the apartment after work because i had to drive up to towson and pick this up:

now i can actually do work on my photos without juggling pictures around between two computers, 3 hard drives and several CDs/DVDs! i even got it set up with the one-button interface on the drive so i can have it back up my laptop’s internal drive to an 80-gig partition, and i’ve still got 1.29 terabytes free for photos and such.

i guess i’ll start getting the stuff out of the car now. i’m still preparing a writeup of the weekend and the fun times it was up in cooperstown.

tomorrow: work until 1 pm, and then off to a seminar with simon bruty

thursday: work, and then open-skate

friday: my birthday! i’ve got the day off, but i don’t know what i’m going to do to celebrate. i think mom might be taking me out to dinner (dad’s going to be out of town), and if jazzometer is doing scrabble & snatch then i might do that afterwards. we’ll see what happens and what might be going on.

ok, time to clear out the car…