#4794 – journey of the idiot

got the camping stuff all set, i think. in the morning i’ll be clearing out the car of all non-camping crap i’ve got in there and will load up the car with the gear that i’m bringing along.

note to self: call the bank in the morning. (there’s a long story about some funds i’ve got that i deposited but haven’t yet appeared in my funds available yet, but i’ll save that for a different time. i got some cash from mom & dad though, so i’m good to go with that.)

anne gets her learner’s permit tomorrow morning with dad at the mva.

me: “good thing i’ll be out of state, then!”

dad: “…but i don’t think we’ll get a chance to drive tomorrow.”

me: “good thing i don’t come back until monday, then!”

feisty_fitz is on her way to japan on her navy cruise. she said that they were told they won’t be doing a shellback ceremony on the way across the equator because the ship already did one on its way down to australia, but we think that they might just be saying that to give the pollywogs a false sense of security.

i realized when i got to annapolis that i had forgotten the pictures i had told my ol’ coworker cheryl that i’d bring with me, but i think i’ll tell her to stop by on her way back home down 95 since then i won’t have to worry about 1) picking the photos up early in the morning, and 2) finding a place for the photo tube to fit in the car with the camping equipment.

i hope we get a chance to visit the baseball hall of fame itself while we’re up there. one semi-issue, though — you’re allowed to use a camera with flash in the baseball hall of fame. i opted to bring my 70-200mm f/4 L lens in my small camera bag instead of my fancy flash since i can’t bring both and didn’t want to cart around a bunch of gear. i’d like to bring it, though i don’t know if it’s worth it to drive all the way back to silver spring to get the flash. i suppose i could get the photos i left there while i’m picking up the flash, but… nah, i’ll just do without.

but other than that, i think i’ve got everything. we’re going to grab some booze on our way up (get some natty bohs while we’re still in natty boh land) and find food closer to the campgrounds. forecast for the weekend: possible showers. i hope not, but i bet it’ll rain at some time at least. and with all this stuff in my car it’ll be tight (hell, i’m sitting on my pillow in the car to save room! that, and to keep my butt from being a pain in the ass, bahaha), but i think this’ll be a fun trip. aside from any voiceposts or flickr photo posts from the phone, i’ll be back on monday!