#4793 – "let's go kill some children!"

g4 tv is broadcasting live from comic-con — it’s like i’m there. they’re showing an interview with steven spielberg and harrison ford about the indiana jones movie, with harrison ford IN COSTUME as indy …wow. they also mentioned these rayguns and they seemed like something that theteague would be interested in… or superhappy (OH NO LOOK OUT).

so anyway, after work i went on up to dundalk skateland for open skate, but when i got there there were barely any cars in the parking lot. i thought that it’d be empty inside, and it was! well, actually, it was closed due to a water main break. i called cynicalscribe to let her know, and then just as i was pulling out of the parking lot hannahchan and ramentenshi were pulling in — i told them that the place was closed and that folks were going to meet up at the putty hill skateland instead. i took a wrong turn on 95 while i was going around the beltway to get there and ended up having to take a secret ninja route through white marsh, so even though i left before hannahchan did, she still beat me to the rink. unfortunately the putty hill skateland is a little bit more expensive than the dundalk skateland ($4.00 compared to $2.50), and i had only brought enough money with me for the dundalk skateland admission. hannahchan was nice enough to spot me $2, though, and i helped them figure out the locker mechanism.

cynicalscribe was ready to beat up on me for my comments in my previous post, and i told her that i showed zenmetsu the comments and he said that i deserve everything i get…

cynicalscribe: “damn straight, i’ve got new kneepads and they haven’t yet tasted human blood… there’s going to be some carnage!”

me: “really? that seems a little…… barber-ic.”

cynicalscribe: *kills*

the skating itself was absolutely crazy though. hannahchan was wondering when it turned into “lord of the flies”, and i mentioned to otto erotic how crazy the kids were and how someone was just going to get hurt and he said “let’s go kill some children!”, bahaha… but you couldn’t say that the kids didn’t deserve anything that might happen to them: kids were skating in the wrong direction, sitting on the floor, standing in place in the middle of the skating-lanes, and other crazy stuff. several folks were doing this stuff when they were definitely old enough to know better. i mean, who practically sits in the middle of the floor in the way of everybody just so they can answer an email on their blackberry, i ask you! it was so bad that you’d see a kid just standing there in the way and you’d be SO TEMPTED to crash them up, but you really just wanted to see someone else who was being an asshole crash into them instead. of course, that never happened. i accidentally hip-checked one kid, though — i was trying to maneuver through three guys just standing there, and as i passed through their group i saw this one kid who kept sitting on the floor and getting in the way slowly roll out in front of me… i hip-checked the kid by accident as i passed and we both went flying. the three guys and i tried asking the kid if she was ok but she just sat there and looked at us. *shrug* i also swear that i saw this guy named ralph who’s one of parker’s friends while i was there… his hair seemed to be done in the way she styles hair, at least.

when we left skateland i was following cynicalscribe and we zipped along together down 95 south, but when we got to the toll plaza she zipped on through on the right and i got stuck in some slower traffic to the left. turned out she got on 295 south directly off of 95 after the tunnel, while i stayed on 95 south to 195 towards bwi and then on to 295 south. even though my route was a little bit more roundabout, i still managed to end up passing her again on 295 and we zipped along the rest of 295 and 32 before heading our separate ways on 29, haha. that catch-up was probably the second-best catch-up i’ve ever seen done while motoring (the first being a tremendous perfectly-timed reappearance of some friends of mine who got separated from the main convoy during “mini takes the states” and rejoined the convoy when they flew down an entrance ramp at the exact moment that the rest of my friends and i were passing the ramp. it was the closest thing to a real-life version of han solo coming to the rescue at the last second that i’ll ever see, haha!). yeah, it probably would be a good idea to carpool in the future, heh. that was some good motoring, though. i cranked up the volume and rocked out the rest of the way home after that.

and now, on rap music:

i just realized the other day at work while listening to “gin and juice” by snoop dogg, and “hoes in my room” by ludacris and snoop dogg that “LBC” probably means “long beach, california”. and i’ve figured out that in the song “who am i (what’s my name)” by snoop dogg, the lyrics “snoop dogg-y do~~og” can easily be replaced with “killer glenn-u-ine dra~~aft”. rap music is 1000% lolz — folks getting crunk, everything’s all ridiculous, folks having beefs with each other and, of course, snoop dogg’s wikipedia page:

  • “He changed his name to Snoop Dogg in 1998, when he left his original record label Death Row Records and signed with No Limit Records. But he still can be called Snoop Doggy Dogg, which he does in his songs, or by other rappers.”
  • “Snopp Dogg was reported as being a king among men, according to Edmund Darris, who interveiwed him and the Dogg Pound exclusively. Darris reported that despite what the media portrays Snoop Dogg, he is a talented genius and has the power of words…he is our modern day Shakespere with raging skills and charisma.”
  • “… upon the advice on some of the other pimps he knew, he eventually gave up pimping to spend more time with his family.”

    and tomorrow is hip-hop friday! i usually listen to my hip-hop/rap albums at work on fridays, i don’t know why. and that reminds me; i was listening to ludacris’ “chicken and beer” album the other day and kept thinking about ocarina‘s dad and doppler studios, hah.