#4792 – the idiot

so mom and dad are both calling me an idiot for fixing to take (in addition to myself) not one but TWO other people AND camping gear in my mini up to cooperstown this weekend. this amuses me. dad was even on the phone with grandaddy telling him about what “that crazy idiot” is doing, bahahaha…

anyway, so here’s the scoop on the latest step toward awesomeness that i’m taking — this picture is what it’s all about:

$15 for a cup of coffee and a haircut

that’s me sporting a haircut i got at the beatnik barbershop months ago — i found out about them when i wanted a new place to get my hair cut and $15 for a haircut and a cup of coffee intrigued me. well, somebody messaged me on flickr about some conceptual ads that they’re doing (coincidentally for the beatnik barbershop) and they wanted to use my photo as a basis for their conceptual ads that they’re going to adobe-illustrator up. but who knows where it might go! i just might be able to point at an ad somewhere and say “SEE THAT. THAT IS MY HAIR.” just watch, though… i bet i’ll try going in some club somewhere in baltimore and my hair will get vip treatment and no cover charge, but they’ll make me pay up. “c’mon, i’m with hair!” i could complain, but they’ll be having none of it. just watch, that’ll be what’ll happen eventually.

how’d you like my secret hint in that post, though? i wanted to use something from “hair”, but referencing it directly would have been too obvious. i like that “age of hilar-i-ous” quote, though. too bad other folks came up with that same phrase, though. 😛 and now i’ve got various songs from “hair” stuck in my head. 😛 😛

holy crap, they said on tv that they’re expecting 60,000 to 70,000 folks in cooperstown for the induction. i’m not ashamed to admit i was tearing up a bit at cal ripken’s speech yesterday. sunday’s induction speech forecast: crying like a little girl.

also, yesterday was painful — i forgot to mention that they played “don’t stop believing” by journey at the o’s game while the groundscrew had to fix the pitchers’ mound, and it seemed the whole stadium was singing along. ow, ow, ow.