#4782 – cameras and sports

hahaha, andy samberg and the lonely island guys are at the o’s game in seattle.

august 1 i’m going to a seminar hosted by simon bruty (homepage) sponsored by apple and canon. that should be interesting and i hope to pick up some tips like when i saw vincent laforet a year or so ago… his seminar gave me some good ideas for processing and editing photos that i now use when photographing things like, oh, roller derby. (hah! all but one of the photos are mine! then again, not only am i buddy-buddy with the folks who wrote and edited that, but epmd has been sick the past few days and only has two or three photos uploaded so far.)

man, that 1D mark iii sure looks nice… too bad it’s $4500! 😛 i don’t know which i’d prefer, though… the 5D with the full 35mm frame? or the 1D with 10 fps and improved autofocus? i think i know which one my wallet prefers… (answer: none of them).

i still need to write up something about me for my fitzpatrick photos site. the problem is that i don’t know what i want to say without sounding all horn-tootingy (even if i’m SUPPOSED to be horn-tootingy when talking about myself on my own website). in any case, i have to do that by the end of this weekend so i can email the link to my site with photos to the today show’s producer.

and speaking of roller derby photos, who all is going to the regionals in columbus, ohio next month? i’ve got off of work on thursday the 16th to drive over there, and then i’ll be there from friday through sunday, and then return on monday the 20th. it’ll be awesome! road trip! that’ll be fun to photograph… i predict i might need to get more memory cards as well as some external storage, heh (terabytes are required when i’ve got this many photos to keep track of). and if you want to ride along with me in my mini, i’ve got travel bingo! hooray!

and speaking of games to play while on road trips, bruno_boy and i invented a game called “hot chick or not chick”, also known as “the good, the bald and the ugly” — you try to predict based on the type of car you’re about to pass whether or not it’s going to be a dude, a “hot chick”, or an old lady (a “broom hilda”). dudes are worth 0 points, hot chicks are worth lots of points based on hottness, and “broom hildas” are like bankrupt in wheel of fortune… you lose all of your points!

i still also need to start figuring out details for heading up to cooperstown at the end of next week before it’s suddenly here. hrm.

ok, time for bed…