#4781 – i don't half-ass things, i full-ass them

my bed looked mighty inviting when i got home from work, so i ended up taking a nap on top of my bed from 6 – 8 pm. woke up at 8, used the bathroom, put up an away message about taking a nap, and then fell back asleep for another hour. that’s right, not only did i take a nap, i took a nap with an INTERMISSION.

and damn you, ragu homestyle spaghetti sauce! you said “refrigerate after opening”, and even though i did as you said when i last used you not so long ago there’s now mold inside your jar! time for a haiku:

boo on ragu sauce.

why must there be mold in you?!

in the trash you go.

apparently asylum, a bar in dc, has a guitar hero competition on the second thursday of every month. if i didn’t have open skate at that time i’d check that out…