#4774 – surge

how to booty-block:

fullmetalpussy: “…and if you want to imagine your ass as the great wall of china, that’s good too.”

cynicalscribe: “yeah, that’s not going to be hard to do.”

me: *looks at own ass*

cynicalscribe: “you have negative ass.”

me: “yeah… it’s a black hole.”

why it’s sometimes good to be all skin and bone:

cynicalscribe: “ow! stabby mc stabbypants checking me over here!”

me: “hmm… hey, know what? ‘sharp cheddar’ would be a good derby name for someone all pointy and bony like me.”

cynicalscribe: “that’s cheesy.”

*we pretend to gag at that joke*

me: “that’s something i’d say! but i dunno, i thought it was pretty gouda.”

cynicalscribe: “…YOU DIE NOW.”

hooray! i received the metal steve stickers from rstevens in the mail! that was fast. i’ll have to figure out how best to put one of them on my helmet. i’m thinking of x-acto knifing one out so it’s just the skull and so it fits better right in front.

i also got some harm city homicide “incident scene” tape (you know how police put up yellow plastic tape that says “CRIME SCENE”? this is just like that except it says “HARM CITY HOMICIDE”) from sex ed today. now to figure out what to do with that too.

speaking of that, i fixed the top image layout for looks much better now!

photos of helmet and tape to come later. (note to self — try to find a bigger memory card for photographing tomorrow’s bout. 2 gb + 1 gb + 1 gb + 256 mb does not cut it anymore!)

time to get ready for crab feasting! well, it WOULD have been time to get ready for crab feasting when i wrote this, but lj was broken at the time. now it’s time to run off to annapolis to see feisty_fitz! and CRAZY night at howl at the moon post to come later! this time i WASN’T the crazy one! who could it have been?? wait and find out!