#4773 – well that's something you don't hear every day

kat: “you both are deranged!”

me: *points to stove* “nope, that’s ‘der range’…” *points to oven* “…that’s ‘der oven’…” *points to refrigerator* “…and, ah, that’s ‘der refrigerator’…”

coworker:ricochet rabbit!”

me: “what??”

coworker: “you’ve never seen ricochet rabbit? oh yeah, that’s right, you’re young… how about the electric company?”

me: “yeah, i’ve seen that.”

coworker: “zooboomafoo… new zoo revue… tom & jerry… etc.”

me: “price is right… mr rogers’ neighborhood… captain kangaroo… rocky & bullwinkle…”

coworker: “oh! that rocky & bullwinkle! there was something not right about them. i don’t know what, but they weren’t right at all!”

me: o_o

and in the “life imitates art” bizarro-news for today…

  • art: “We were thinking of calling the kids’ record ‘Daddy Drinks Because You Cry’, but somehow that didn’t work… one of the other titles was ‘See Spot Dick Jane’, but that didn’t work either…” (from “You Only Love Me For My Lunchbox” by the Asylum Street Spankers)
  • life: o_o

    i’m too lazy to go into dc for that art exhibit going on from 7-9pm. hrm.